The Stepmother Fuckers

Site: VirtualTaboo | Duration: 50 min | Actor: Maya Rose & Sophie Weber
From: VirtualTaboo | Duration: 50 min
Starring: Maya Rose & Sophie Weber

For Mother’s Day, Sophie Weber has brought Maya Rose a lovely bouquet of flowers. Appreciative, Maya sends Sophie to get some water to put them in. While she is gone, Maya’s new step son comes into the room with his Mother’s Day present. She opens the box and is shocked to find it full of very revealing lingerie. Stunned by the forward nature of his gift, she likes the outfit and the lust in his eyes. Maya insists that he stay in the room and watch while she tries it on. He likes what he sees and is sporting a full hard on in no time. Now it is her turn to like what she sees and Maya gets on her knees to suck his big hard cock. When Sophie returns, she sees mom on her knees with her step brother’s dick in her mouth. As shocking as it is, she also likes what she sees and with some encouragement from Maya, joins the fun. Her step brother has a nice big cock and she wants to prove she can suck it better than experienced Maya. A little VR porn friend competition is good for everyone as they take turns licking and slurping his meat.

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