Let Me Teach You How To Play This Game

Site: VirtualTaboo | Duration: 33 min | Actor: Rika Fane
From: VirtualTaboo | Duration: 33 min
Starring: Rika Fane

Rika Fane has had her eye on her mom’s new husband ever since they moved in with him. She has always had a thing for older men and her new stepdad is pretty hot. He is also very straight laced and serious. A perfect fit for her prudish mother who would rather spend time working overtime than home with her new husband. This also makes him a prime candidate for seduction by his sexy nineteen year old step daughter. Rika waits until her mom is out for the day and then watches as he practices putting in the living room. He loves golf and is very serious about his practice so she has to wear something especially eye-catching to capture his attention. Her school uniform has a nice short skirt that easily lifts to show off her panties. Even still, he is too focuses on his game. She has to sit in front of the cup with her legs spread so he can fully understand that she wants him to stroke his club right into her hole. Her sexy VR porn show finally gets his attention and without a moment of hesitation he takes out his cock for her to suck.

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