Crypto Babe

Site: VirtualTaboo | Duration: 37 min | Actor: Barbie Luna
From: VirtualTaboo | Duration: 37 min
Starring: Barbie Luna

Barbie Luna keeps a stash of cash in her bedroom and nobody knows where it is. But when she enters her room, she bumps into her sneaky stepbrother with a huge pile of cash in his hands.
He confronts her about it and she explains that she has been into crypto for quite some time and it has been really good because she is such a clever girl. He doesn’t seem to believe that, but Barbie knows how to convince him to keep it all their little secret. He is ok to keep his mouth shut for now, but only if she gives him something in return. Barbie agrees and flashes him her perky tits. She decides to make her exclusive VR porn show for him, but before her shorts even come off, his cock is hard and in his hand. She is never one to turn down a big hard dick no matter who it belongs to and willingly agrees to let him fuck her. That feels so good as he marvels at his pretty blonde stepsister’s oral skills. Her pussy is tight and feels even better than it looks.

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