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Sylvia Buntarka loves her new job and her boss is the best part. He is rich, runs the whole VR porn company with ease, and is super-hot. Only two problems. First, he is married, and second, he doesn’t seem to even notice Sylvia no matter how much she flirts or how short her skirts get around the office. The night before the big office holiday party, she wears her sluttiest dress while decorating the tree in hopes that she might finally get him to notice her. He sits at his desk working late into the night while Sylvia decorates the tree. She does her best to tease him, finally catching his eye and slyly telling him that she is out of balls. Does he have some more? He finally catches on and assures her that he has some balls she adds to her decorations. Sylvia is more than happy to take care of his balls and anything else he wants to share. He takes out his dick and she can’t wait to suck it. After waiting so long for her chance, she goes all out, giving head that would make a VR Pornstar jealous. Her lips work up and down until she has swallowed almost every inch. Once he has had a sample of her oral skills, he can’t wait to bend her over and fuck that tight pussy under the tree. She has been waiting for so long to feel him inside of her and loves every single stroke. Saving his load for her mouth, he shoots cream between her lips and watches it dribble down her chin while she struggles to swallow. It may have taken some time, but now that he knows just how hot she is, Sylvia is going to be his office fucktoy each and every day.

    You're My Xmas Gift

    Starring: Sylvia Buntarka

    Duration: 32 min

    Studio: DarkRoomVR


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