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Your VR Feels So Real - VirtualTaboo

Starring: Leanne Lace

Duration: 39 min

Returning from her college classes, Leanne Lace immediate starts on her homework. While she is studying, her lazy stepbrother is having fun with his VR flight simulator. She tries to focus on her studies, but the lure of fast and fun video game action is too much to resist. Joining him on the couch, Leanne asks if she can have a try. He gives her the headset and hands her the joystick. While she is having fun playing, he stares at her hot little body and gets turned on. Taking out his cock, he slyly replaces the joystick with his throbbing meat. Sister is shocked, but the feel of his thick pulsing meat in her hand makes her want to play a different game. Flipping the goggles onto her head, she smiles and slips her lips around his dick.


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