Tay Raise

Site: MILFVR | Duration: 50 min | Actor: Ellie Tay
From: MILFVR | Duration: 50 min
Starring: Ellie Tay

When Ellie Tay comes down the stairs, she is surprised to see you are not her husband. Where could her hubby be this time? Today is your chance to be face-to-face with the boss’ wife and everything they say about her is true. This total maneater will get right to business because unlike your boss, she isn’t shy about mixing business with pleasure. She will flirt and lift up her dress to give you a taste of her wet MILF pussy. Be the next employee at the company to benefit from this extra perk and sit back as Ellie drops to her knees to suck you off. Once you’re hard-as-fuck she will sit down on that dick to go for a ride. Be mesmerized by her big boobs as she takes that dick, then follow her to the boss’ bedroom and finish the job. Pound her pussy in doggy style and missionary before you blast her tits in jizz. Earn YOUR Tay raise today!

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