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Quality Time - BaDoinkVR

Starring: Elsa Jean

Duration: 42 min

You’ve been spending an awful lot of time at the office lately. You’ve barely had any time with your family, let alone yourself. But today’s different, you’ve got the day off and you intend to make the most of it. Your step-daughter, Elsa has the same idea. She’s been eye-fucking you on a daily basis since you married her mom, but the two of you are seldom alone together. Your wife is constantly giving Elsa shit about having a messy room, so today, she’s cleaned it up and she wants to show you that it is spotless. Her intentions, on the other hand, are quite filthy. This petite blonde slut’s intentions may be immoral, but what do you care? When you see her wrapping her juicy lips around your cock, you’ll forget you’re married at all.


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