Price Of Silence

Site: DarkRoomVR | Duration: 49 min | Actor: Britney Dutch & Emily First
From: DarkRoomVR | Duration: 49 min
Starring: Britney Dutch & Emily First

Emily First and Britney Dutch can’t believe their luck. While out shopping, they found an unattended suitcase. Picking it up, they raced home only to discover that it was filled with cash. This is more money than either of them has ever seen in their lives. As they are just starting to wonder what they might buy with their windfall, there is a knock at the door. The girls did not realize that the suitcase had a tracker in it. When they deny knowing anything about the case, the owner shows them the tracking pin that points inside their house. Knowing that they have been caught, the girls think quickly and try to come up with some way to stay out of trouble and keep the money. The owner demands that they give him the case. It belongs to his boss and it is his job to retrieve it. They can see him staring at them and decide the seduction is worth a try. Lifting their skirts, they get a quick response when the stranger takes out his cock. It is long and throbbing already. They quickly get into position to suck it, hoping to win him over with their oral skills. In this VR porn episode he takes turns in their pussies, bending them over and thrusting deep. Neither of them have ever fucked a stranger and the wild nature of their threesome has them both thrusting back and nearly screaming with ecstasy. He likes them both and wants them to share his load. Grab your virtual reality headset and watch Price Of Silence DarkRoomVR porn video for free today!

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