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Lexi Dona has been trying to get laid for months. The guys at school are just too lame and she can’t stand online hookup apps. She started looking closely at her handsome stepbrother and decided that going out for dick was silly when she could get as much as she wanted without leaving home. Knowing that you spend most of your time watching VR Porn and masturbating in your room, Lexi decided it was time for you to get some of the real thing. She got all dressed up in a tight pair of shorts and a revealing top and barged in to get your opinion on the outfit. Seeing you squirm uncomfortably as she shows off more of her body, Lexi turns up the heat, pulling up her shorts until her ass is exposed. When she has you right where she wants you, she tells you to take out your cock so she can see if you are worth fucking. You whip it out and she is pleased to see that you are not a disappointment. Engaging in a game of “you show me yours and I’ll show you mine” she pulls off her top while you pull on your prick. Sitting on the counter like a real VR porn model, she plays with herself while telling you that she needs you to fuck her. She needs your cock on the regular and doesn’t want you to ever say no to her. No problem there. Your furious stroking matches her own fingering as you promise to give her all the cock she can handle. There won’t be any more waiting for Lexi. She is going to fucked often without ever leaving home.

    Make Me Cum

    Starring: Lexi Dona

    Duration: 11 min

    Studio: VirtualTaboo


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