DarkRoomVR - I Wanna Be Your Bitch

Lana Bunny and Mimi Cica are bored and look for a way to pass the time. They stumble across a new VR dating site with a whimsical twist. By creating a fake account, the girls are ready to laugh. They had no idea their profile would instantly become popular, especially with some of the sexually dominant older men who use the site to find submissive young sluts. It just had to be a fun joke, with the two cuties wallowing in profile pics, playing together and laughing at some of the losers contacting them. They weren’t expecting him to go any further, but when one of the teasing men shows up the joke is over and things get serious very quickly. He’s not kidding and he wants the girls to live up to the slutty delights they’ve promised. Using his tie as a leash for the two girls, he makes them pose for new photos with their sign in front of them and his big cock waiting for their hungry young mouths. Ordered that they both suck his cock and do as they’re told, go back and forth and live up to their bold publicity. In this VR porn video, he orders them to strip down and ride his cock.

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