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There are few things in this world that bring absolute happiness no matter what: recently cut grass, for example. A trombone player riffing jazz on a New York fire escape. Freshly baked bread. Service dogs being reunited with their owners - you know what we’re talking about. But best of all, is coming home after a long day of work to Athen Faris. That’s what happiness is. The kitchen’s already clean, she’s lookin' hot as all fuck in a pair of tiny denim shorts, and she’s showering you with compliments. Ahh, feels good to be home, right? Well, it’s about to get even better. Athena is wet for you and she wants you right there in the kitchen. So now you get to watch Ms. Faris' perky tits bounce in front of your face as she rides you in that pristine kitchen. Don’t feel too bad about making a mess, it’s exactly what she wants.

    Courting In The Kitchen

    Starring: Athena Faris

    Duration: 39 min

    Studio: BaDoinkVR


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