VirtualTaboo Kate Rich VR Porn (Bro, Will It Fit My Small Butt?)

Bro, Will It Fit My Small Butt?

Starring: Kate Rich

Duration: 33 min

Studio: VirtualTaboo

While searching her parents' bedroom for some money she can use to go shopping, Kate discovers a butt plug in mom's drawer. Unsure about what it is, she takes it in to her stepbrother's room to ask him. He is far more experienced than Kate and will know what the oddly-shaped metal object is. Brother has no time for his annoying sister until she shows him what she found. Kate Rich VR wants to know what it is used for. When he explains what it is and where it goes, Kate is fascinated and turned on. She asks him to show her. They are only brother and sister, but he refuses until she pulls up her top and shows off her perky titties.

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